UCLASS - ClassGroup

You know how when you are inside a BP and you can click on the drop down to give you a list of components to add…well… I wanted to move my C++ code from the CUSTOM category to the CAMERA category. I dug around the documentation and found this:


Indicates that Unreal Editor’s Actor Browser should include this class and any subclass of this class within the specified GroupName when Group View is enabled in the Actor Browser.

Anyway, shouldn’t it say COMPONENT? And, maybe show a quick screenshot of how the categories are shown and an example of moving to a different category?

This is just one of 1.2381 million examples of how the documentation needs clarification, examples and general love… Love the engine, love the company…which is why I think they need to work on addressing documentation concerns. Epic, let the community know what we can do to assist!


I’ve been roaming the documentation more and frankly I think I’ve been a bit off base… For example, I clicked on ADVANCED from the main menu and just started roaming…there is a TON of great stuff. With that said, I would like to be very narrow and that I would suggest Epic improve the API documentation…By the way, I have noticed that some of the API documentation has examples, this is great! All in all, its looking better! Thanks Epic!


Where is this “advanced” section?

Then, click on ADVANCE on the right-hand side… you can roam the docs there…