UCartographer - Landscape

Hi,as a means to finance my game I am making a new plugin (you can get it on www.ucartographer.com ) for UE4 , that allows you to draw SplinePaths and SplinePolygons (as Editor-only Actors, that are saved with the level) onto the Landscape and interactively change landscape height and landscape layers. This is ideal for creating Terraces, Mountains, Rivers and Paths.
Here are a few examples of the various tools available in UCartographer - Landscape:

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Here is a showcase video of UCartographer creating a path in my Game (“Project TWWB”):

There are many tools available in UCartographer for creating different types of mountains/terraces/etc. You simply select a tool and then you click on the landscape to place the points forming a polygon(clockwise) or a path(left-right-left-right order):

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After the polygon/path is created you can interactively change the position of each individual point of the polygon/path:


You can also apply heightmaps and layermaps:


I will add some more graphics/videos soon, for more info/videos/animations you can also head over to www.ucartographer.com
If you need this sort of functionality it wouldreally be great if you would consider buying this plugin, since it would really help me to finance the development of my Game Project.

Thank you very much