UC2: Llandri Conflict and Unreal 4. - Is it possible for weapons other than guns?

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I am incredibly impressed with what Epic is doing with UT4 making it completely open to development for everyone,… but I have no idea where to ask this:

Llandri Conflict is/was one of my favorite Unreal Tournament games. Springing a weapon on someone who gets a little too close to use guns was a great addition to the series and while I don’t think the game did all that well, I feel that the weapons were a great concept and idea. The QTEs (with the coup de grace)'s to execute moves were a bit wonky, but that’s okay, those could be removed. I also think they’d be interesting if we could have a choice between third and first person person perspectives when using said melee weapons depending on what type they are.

Epic: If you’re reading this or do read this, could we bring back in Llandri Conflict style weapons in this game?

For those who aren’t familiar with Llandri Conflict, here’s IGN’s three year old review.

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