UBX converted to UCX...how much more expensive is that?


Imagine I have a mesh that has 5 UBX boxes imported with the mesh from maya as collision. Now, If I convert that really simple collision into UCX via the static mesh editor, How much more expensive is that collision going to be come runtime? (Bearing in mind it’s simply 5 cubes)

I’m thinking of doing this to quite a lot of meshes to allow me to scale them and mirror them correctly. Is it going to cause any major problems? is it lots more expensive than using box collision?

any help would be greatly appreciated.


I always thought UCX was just a universal collision system.

Meaning it’s neither for a box nor a sphere.

I’ve never actually used anything other than UCX and I’ve never had a problem.

Though, I am going to call for backup on this if anyone wants to respond.



Thanks for the reply. It’s good to know that you haven’t had any problems with it, which is encouraging.
Though just to be clear, the collision isn’t FOR a box or sphere.(it’s actually for things like stairwells, walls, girders, etc. Things you would find in a modular building set that might need to be scaled non-uniformly)
I’m talking about the simple collision types when exporting from a 3d package ( UBX - Simple Box collision, which can also be created in the SM editor)
The UBX collisions are quicker to calculate I know, But I’m trying to figure out how much quicker the UBX collision is as opposed to the same complexity collision mesh being used as UCX.
It seems that UBX has a lot of restrictions, especially when looking at making modular building assets.

Thanks for taking the time to reply :slight_smile:


UBX is for boxes, USX is for spheres, UCX is for any convex collision shapes(can also be used for boxes and spheres as they are both convex shapes).