Ubuntu Phone support


Ubuntu Phone is new phone OS released by Canonical Ltd and I just got my own phone to home.
Platform is really new, “fresh” and little unstable but what is important is that core is same as Ubuntu, if I code program for phone it should and will work on Desktop too.

Basic what it would require is touchscreen controls on Ubuntu release.
Of course there can be quite lot other things too but not that much.

This request is not 4.8 but just saying so you can think about it.

If there is already possibility to build that way feel free to tell me how.

Thanks for time!

Hi Amatrelan,

I can tell you true that this will be super low on the priority list of things requested to support in UE4. I can put in a feature request but it will almost certainly be backlogged immediately, if not entirely declined, and I don’t want to get your hopes up for something that could be years in the making, if it ever happened (for some context, check out ‘Windows Phone Support’) However, if you want to give it a shot yourself, another user on the Android forums has put together something of a tutorial for building for Android in Linux. Hopefully some of the principles will overlap and you can do your own homegrown support.

Good luck!

Not necessarily true. Apps using the Ubuntu QT based Ubuntu SDK can be built (with a little elbow grease) to run on both Ubuntu Desktop and Phone.

It is however true that console apps (without a GUI) will run seamlessly across both devices (assuming you’re not calling any dependencies available only on desktop).

I’d also be interested in contributing to a community effort to get it running (though I don’t think we should realistically expect Epic to do too much in the way of this, as they’re doing enough already!)