Ubuntu 20.10: How to install android packaging? Android Studio 3.5.3 required?

Hello Everyone

I’m trying to get android packaging to work with UE4.26.0 on Ubuntu 20.10 but there seems no way to do so as android studio 3.5.3 would be required (at least that’s what SetupAndroid.sh tells me when executing it. I figured using SetupAndroid.sh because I couldn’t find any Androidworks folder like the Unreal - Android Linux Starter Guide mentions :S

I have found a repo from someone with several a-studio versions but the 3.5 version is exactly the one that’s missing :'D on the official android site I can only get the latest 4.x version…

In the end my questions would be:

  • do I still have to install androidworks for UE 4.26.0, or is the right way to go to install the android studio 3.5.3 and use the SetupAndroid.sh from the Android folder?
  • how do I get the android studio 3.5.3 version installed? There’s NO place that provides me with the setup file for it, not even source code that I could compile is anywhere to be found…

Would it be possible to update the Unreal Android Linux Starter Guide, or provide the android studio that’s necessary?

Thanks for any helpful information on how I can get this stuff to work :wink:

All the best,