Ubuntu 16.04 with CorruptPackFileException

Hi! I’m trying to compile the UE into the Ubuntu 16.04 and when I run the command, I get the error below after a while:

/unrealLinux/UnrealEngine$ ./ 
Registering git hooks... (this will override existing ones!)

Github build
Checking / downloading the latest archives
Checking dependencies (excluding Win32, Win64, Mac, Android)...
Updating dependencies:   6% (0/3), 6.5/101.8 MiB | 0.00 MiB/s... 
Failed to download '': Can't read from pack stream (CorruptPackFileException)
Result: 1

Does someone know what am I missing?

Same result in Ubuntu 16.04
Failed to download ‘’: Can’t read from pack stream (CorruptPackFileException)

I also get this result on Ubuntu 16.04

Hey ,
I have exactly the same Problem but with Ubuntu 18.04 . Please leave some update if you solved the issue.
Thank you in advance .