Ubuntu 14.04

I want to pay for “UE4” but I am using ubuntu 14.04. I am afraid to pay for the product if I cannot use my computer. I have read that there is linux support the system requirements do not suggest UE4 works on linux. Can I have a straight answer if UE4 will work on Ubuntu or not.

UE4 will work on any linux as long as dependies are meet, most linux distros are the same. Linux support is heavily work in progress, current builds support cross compiling from windows but without editor. Theres huge community effort to make editor working on linux, i think if you search deep enoth you might already find how to make editor run on linux. Heres good starting point

Also theres dedicated irc chat #ue4linux on freenode, they might tell you exact status on linux support

If read it write there is support for compiling on Linux and playing on Linux but the UE4 tools are not ready for Linux now. But this is on the roadmap. Unreal Engine 4 and Linux - Unreal Engine

But I’am not really sure, so wait for an official answer or an answer from someone who is not new to this community.

Editor does not work as of now, so using Ubuntu as your sole development machine is not possible. Hopefully later this year we will get to this.

UE4 games/demos will work, but I am guessing that’s not what you are asking about.

I appreciate all the answers. How about using a VM with ubuntu host and running windows 7 until UE4 becomes fully compatible with Ubuntu?

You can try, but VM will need to support 3D acceleration at really good speeds.