UboxComponent problem from the tutorial

Hello all! I’ve been following “Introduction to C++ Tutorial”, you know the one that you were building the battery man thing. I think I did something wrong or forgot to do something in all that endless copy pasted codes so anyone can help me?

In the tutorial, UBoxComponent is a declared component and color is turquoise. But mine is not, and clearly not declared. I can get it colored when I type class in front of it, but when I do that there’s an error in “WhereToSpawn”.

Here is an image:

Can anyone help me please?

Interesting… I tried UShapeComponent instead of UBox and then when I wrote again UBoxComponent now it’s colored. Doesn’t make any sense but it’s ok. But WhereToSpawn is now undeclared still. I think I’ll go crazy.

Oh nevermind, sorry for being a high level noob here, I got it. All of my errors were about syntax and capslock errors. Any noob out there like me, see any little details you think not important, extremely they are:P