Ubisoft/gta animation / unreal engine 5

Do you think with the new technology for animation in ue5, we will be able to do something very similar to:
ubisoft animations:

And rdr 2 animations/ragdoll:

What ue5 technologies might we need to do this? Maybe you have ideas or have seen something similar in development?

My buddy He said it was possible. Maybe you have some ideas or have you seen something similar?

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I think it will be possible with the new ue5 technology for animation, who knows.

I don’t know about the first one, but the second one can be achieved; I did something very similar in a prototype on 4.25, by mixing ragdoll and animation for the falling and colliding sections.
The contact between the two guys is really well done, and I believe IKs can do it pretty good.

I’m curious about the first video.

Do you have a video of your demo at 4.25?

It will be interesting to see what can be done with the new features of ue5 from the first ubisoft video.

I also have this video.

Does something similar, probably similar to ubisoft, but without news, we will find out in the future.

Nope, it’s under NDA.

We will see what is new in terms of animation players will be able to show us with new features