UATHelper: Packaging (Windows): ERROR: System.UnauthorizedAccessException:

Hi @GPuthige,
The version you are using is the binary version, whereas I am using the source version. I am using VS 2022 Preview, you will be using VS2017.

However, I believe the problem lies in Cooking and I think you have to do cooking first of all

If you cannot complete this, which will take about 40 minutes, then there is little that can be done.

I expect this may be the problem as the code seems to be looking for the packed cooking store.

There is little that can be done because my source builds the UE5EA2 won’t package. My repository [ue5-main] will package, but it takes 18 hours to build on AMD 6 core/16GB/SSD. It’s maintained by Epic each day and is the leading edge likely to break and needs VS 2022 Preview. It for hardcore developers like me!:sunglasses::rofl:.

Visual Studio 2022 Preview 4 now builds and runs [ue5-main-vs2022]
For those developers, the answer in the source code is at about line 90

  • Implicit conversion of TSharedPtr/TSharedRef
    to bool is not supported yet

Good Luck you will need it!