UAT Build Errors. I am an Artist that Doesn't understand code

Good afternoon,

I recognize that this is a holiday season for most Americans, and I thank you in advance for your time and your offer to help us.

We have been trying to work through our build for over 6 months and we are not getting anywhere on our own and we need some help. Attached is our Output Log as to why we are getting build errors.

I am 20 year veteran artist, but I didn’t get into heavy in-engine work until this year. I haven’t had to. I am not proficient in speaking ‘code,’ however, I do know when we as a team are missing vital information in order to move forward. We are missing information. I do not know if I am posting this question in the correct forum or not. I have asked this question in the c++ forum as well and I was just informed to install the Debug Symbols and attached is the new build log results with those symbols.

I am not trying to be annoying, but it is my goal to not only obtain a working build, but also to receive proper education:

  1. yellow warnings in the output log are simply warnings, meaning, the game will build *regardless *if the systems telling me that there is a problem. <— This is the biggest question that I need answered. We are a small studio and we need to mind our budget. We know we have warnings, however, if we can ignore them and instead, focus on fixing errors that will allow us to build, we can begin solving problems.

We need to be able to focus and prioritize the this now, today.

  1. red errors in the output log is stating, “fix these issues because I am to building until you do.”

Is this philosophy correct?

Happy early Thanksgiving!