Uassets not showing up in content browser


I would like some assistance with this error. I have files inside the content folder (in file explorer), but some of the files in there aren’t showing up in the content browser (in ue4). The last time I touched this project was about 2 weeks ago, and it was all working fine until today.

All help would be appreciated.

as those are blueprints, it can come from a disabled plugin too

I don’t think so. I believe I’ve been opening it with its default version.

Hmmm, sorry. That’s the only time I’ve seen it…

I double-checked the engine version, and the cause was that it had to run on a newer ue4 version.

Ah, told ya :wink:

The usual reason for this, is moving assets from a project with a higher engine version in windows.

I don’t suppose you did anything like that?

how to fix the issue?

I actually really need to know how to fix this. I cannot recover an asset folder that contains all my material, material functions and layer info. All the assets are visible in the file explorer but UE4 refuses to show them in the content browser and none of my material work. Here’s what I did:

1 - Rename folder
2 - UE4 creates a new one with the new name and keeps the old one.
3 - I change my mind and delete the new one
4 - UE4 crashes shortly after deletion
5 - Restart UE4 and can’t see my materials in the scene or in the content browser
6 - Try Fix redirectors, doesn’t work, restart UE4, still doesn’t work(show redirectors filter active, still nothing)
7 - Delete CachedAssetRegistry.bin, start UE4, fix redirectors again, still nothing

I built from source on Linux so it is absolutely not a version problem. It has been an extremely frustrating experience so far and I am completely lost. If anyone has any idea what to please speak up I’m begging you.

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Did you end up figuring this out?

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I have the same issue ;(