UAssets in git?

I recently got my project hooked up to BitBucket via git. The documentation suggests that you use git-lfs for large files, however BitBucket does not support it in its free tier. So I’m not using git-lfs. My first instinct was to add only code to git and ignore all uasset files since they’re binary, and I’m not using git-lfs. But I’m getting the sense from the editor behavior that tracking uassets in git is intended.

Are there any complications that could arise from tracking uasset files in git without git-lfs? Corruption, versioning messes, etc? Is this a good idea?

The only problem that you will encounter in versioning ALL the UAssets is the size of your repository (along with all the problems that follow a large repository), which will increase very quickly, especially for large assets (e.g. maps, which you will change often).

Some workaround might be to track only folders with small UAssets in git, and track the others (e.g. textures, maps, etc…) in another way. Some teams use Dropbox or Drive for sharing the maps between team members.

Either way, in my experience, there is no a unique solution for versioning your unreal project, and often is matter of balances the resources and the communication of/within the team.

If you have any other question, please don’t hesitate to ask.

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