Uasset is not showing up in the content browser

Hey guys,
I was wondering if someone could help me. I created a bunch of files at work and put them in my Google Drive folders. Later today I tried to use them on my home PC but these files just wont show up in the content browser. Maybe one of you has an idea. From what I know the Engine versions are the same.

You can grab one of the files here and do some test on your own.

With which engine version have you saved the uasset file? :slight_smile:

I sometimes have the same problem,just save all and restart the engine. Maybe it will work for you :slight_smile:

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I am quite certain that the version at work is the latest one. That means 4.8.3.

There are a few reasons this could be. One of which has already been mentioned here already.

  • Assets saved with a newer version of the engine
  • Asset could be a Redirector
  • It could be custom game-specific serialization, which makes it impossible to load in any other project.

More than likely it’s the last option. Depending on what the asset is, for instance if it’s a mesh you can just export as FBX.

I guess it is the first or last option since it is not a redirector. I just find it odd since I could copy over files a week ago. So I guess I have to life with it. Would be lovely if there would be some way of debugging it. Like importing and then getting an error log that explains to me whats going on.

Other question: Is there a save way of getting these files (static meshes and blueprints) over to my home machine?

In my opinion the best way is to just copy the entire content folder on a USB stick (or something else) - then paste everything into one of your own projects -> always make sure that you keep the folder structure! (otherwise you will lose some references) :slight_smile:

Im using an old version of udk and found out that if there is nothing in the folder nothing will show up. e.g. had a bunch of folders in a folder which where not showing up. as soon as i put a file into them they showed up in the content browser. not sure if this is what you are after but it helped me sort out an issue i was having.

Im having a similer issue. I downloaded a project from a Udemy instructor to get the assets he shared. When i open the project, there is nothing visible in the content browser. But when i open in windows explorer, all the uassets are there.

None of tbe other students had this issue. He says he created the project with 5.1 and I’m also using 5 1.

I.git that little white recrangle box asking which engine version to open the project with. Thst seems to me that he didn’t actually make the project in 5.1. Im going to download 5.2 and see if that works.

you are good man ty sm