UAsset is encrypted error (SQLite plugin)

No idea what sub-forum to put this in as it could have gone in one of several…

Anyways, I’ve written - and am still further developing - a plugin that allows usage of an SQLite database through Blueprints. A secondary module of this plugin allows importing an SQLite .db file and creating a class for it in the Editor:

This is where the weirdness begins. Per the image below, I can register this uasset file as a batabase:


I can insert rows through Blueprints, such as the execute sql blueprint (which is part of the plugin):


But I can’t extract ifo from the database through the same process:


The resulting print strings:

I’ve tested the process by manually adding the col_Main.db file to the Databases directory and inserting>extracting a row in exactly the same manner, and it works. So, my questions are:

Can I do anything about this file is encrypted lark?
And; Have I wasted my time with the importer plugin?

Would I be better off just dealing with the .db file at packaging and leaving it outside the editor?

Thoughts/comments appreciated…