.uasset file greyed out when trying to import

I’m attempting to import a free asset that I downloaded online. I’ve created a folder in my contents browser, then right clicked and selected “import to/game” under the “import asset” option. When I select the folder, then choose to open, it will open each subfolder until I reach the .uasset, but those are greyed out. I’ve read about issues with importing newer assets to older versions of UE4, but in this case, I have the newest version of UE4 (10.2). Up to this point, I can’t find any reason why I would not be able to import the assets. If it matters, I don’t know if there is an issue if assets are created on one OS and I am using a different one, for example if they were created on Windows and I am on OS X.

Hi DirtyJ375,

A .uasset is already in a form that Unreal can use so it cannot be imported using the “Import” button in the content browser. For .uasset you would want to use one of two methods.

Method 1: You can use the migrate feature to move content to another project. You can read about how to to do that here in the documentation: Migrating Assets in Unreal Engine | Unreal Engine 5.1 Documentation

Method 2: You can open the project folder and move the .uasset and manually place it in your content folder in your project folders location.

There is a caveat to this method though. If you don’t use the same folder structure as the project you’re moving the .uasset from the references to materials/textures or even static meshes can be lost. This means that if you move a .uasset that is a Material into your project folder and it’s not the same folder structure any texture references will be lost in that material because the asset will not know where they were located. When you go to open the material these will be blank.

Another thing to consider that you bring up is new versions of the editor to older versions. If you move an asset from a new version to an older version these will not likely be compatible and you will see an error message that it was used with a newer version, in which case you would not be able to open the .uasset with that version of the editor.

I hope this helps.


Thanks, Tim. I’ll give this a shot and comment again if I bump into anything else.

Ok. Sounds good. :slight_smile: