Uasset file corrupted, Is there anyway to restore it?

MyCharacter.uasset is essential in my project and every time i right click, double click on it it crushes the game, close unreal editor with no message .
It also happens when i starts the game, any time this uasset file is access it crashes unreal editor .

File is attached in the link :

please check if it can be fixed, thanks .

Editor create backups of assets, check Saves directory in your project

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Thanks man, you’v saved me :slight_smile:

Saved me life too thanks!

THANK YOU SO MUCH! SAVED MY LIFE TOO! GOD BLESS! My electricity got cut off just as I was saving my long-■■■ animation blueprint and when the blueprint got corrupted, I was on the verge of committing murder…

Now your life is saved… it is high time to learn and apply git or at least svn…

That worked! I can’t thank you enough!

Thank You man, it save me time :grinning: