Uasset created in 4.20 not working in 4.19?

I created a blueprint class in unreal 4.20, but I need to read this blueprint in unreal 4.19 in univercity, but I tried to put it in the folder of a project created in 4.19, it does not appear in unreal, even restarting. If it is not possible to read the blueprint in 4.19, is it possible to do donwgrade in my version 4.20?

Files generally are not backwards compatible

Recently ran into the same issue. The workaround was; open both 4.19 and 4.20 versions of the project, open the blueprint and copy paste the nodes from the 4.20 into the 4.19 blueprint. It depends on the code (custom events, macro’s etc) how much of the work gets copied over. Still beats having to recreate it all over again.