UAnimMontage Pointer Nonassignable in BP


I am a C++ class that exposes:
UPROPERTY(VisibleAnywhere, BlueprintReadWrite, Category = “AI | Combat”)
class UAnimMontage

However in the BP derived from this C++ class I can not assign a montage to it. I can not assign in the raw BP or a placed instance of it
Its greyed out and I get the message:
Editing this value in a Class Default Object is not allowed

What doesnt make sense is I did this the exact same way for another class
and I can assign it in that _BP.

I have Cntrl+F5’d from VS to build
I have deleted binaries , generated VS studio files, and generated binaries off .exe
Also tried generating a new BP off C++ class, same issue.

Nothing seems to fix this?

Does anyone have any idea whats wrong or a creative way to assign a montage in C++?

Well you have VisibleAnywhere, you want EditAnywhere…

Omg… how did I not see this,
I must have copied a different line, idk.

Thank you!

Other one was using “EditDefaultsOnly”