UAIS - Universal AI Sytem

The files are now handed out to Epic, for the QA test.

Here a new Video, showing the updated UAIS.

Next video is showing the Animal / run away functionality of UAIS.

Can you make something like a deer that runs away from you and a random patrol without way points like a wolf bear or something?

It is possible to use any bot character, aslong you setup the bot BP like the demo character bot is. the walking AI function is using randomly locations around the spawn marker, within 2 x the agro range. If you have 50 metre agro range, so the bot/deer will walk around random locations between the spawn marker and 100 metre from it.

In this case the bot would hunt the player, or enemys not in same team, if they get in agro range.
The function to run away, is a nice idea for the next update.

oh nice thank you, will buy

oh and btw are you implementing the new dynamic navmesh from 4.8 ?

It is using the NavMeshBoundsVolume only. For the agro range it is using MultiSphereTraceForObjects. Aslong the player is in agro range of the bot, the bot will hunt the player, also if he is not visible. Once outside of the agro range, the bot going back for patrol or wander.

Take my money this would save me so much time.

Thats the idea behind UAIS, saving developing time.:slight_smile:

In the main time we wait to get green light from Epic, I has add some more functionality to UAIS.

  • A Animal AI is now possible, where the AI run away, if a enemy get in agro range.
  • Regeneration over time, adjustable HP per second.
  • Run away mod, if the AI get low health.
  • Toss out items function.

New video add in first post.

Are you using the blueprint component system so you can just drag and drop behavior? I’d watch the video but I am on mobile internet.

It is using a behavior tree, basicaly with a service task and other tasks. UAIS can be easy expandet, once you got familiar with the system and the blueprints, and how they interact with the bot character BP.
The basic idea of the system is to have one spawn marker, where you can setup the AI you want spawn, and what kind of AI, and witch botcharacter and other settings.

Is it possible to have different aggro ranges based on Character behavior. I.e. if a fire is lit or character makes sound the aggro range is extended for surrounding NPCs?

Any update on when this is unlocked in the marketplace and is it normal that it tales weeks to pass the process?

Any updates on this?

Really useful, hope to see it in the marketplace.

Wow so many great things hitting Marketplace lately, completly underestimated it, thought it wont get nowhere near Unity Asset store, couldnt be more wrong.
I see the system is optimized for decent sized battles, since it runs well on 60 bots participating, one little critic though, the animal mode, the way animal runs away should be in oposite direction that player is coming, so it should somehow checks last players movement direction, becouse now it seems that animal is escaping away at left bank angle. Other than that all features look very good. By the way, do you have price in mind?

i allready told him the same thing about the animal run and he said he is finding a solution

So this has:

  • Enemy AI
  • Team AI
  • Basic Fight system
  • RunAway AI
  • Random Movement

What about AI that can actually “use” doors or can hide behind things when attacked by ranged weapons?

This looks great. What price are you setting?