UAIS Universal AI System

Hello everyone!

Im happy to present my first marketplace product, the UAIS.

UAIS is a simply but flexible AI system with a spawn marker system for setup your AI.
UAIS is a time saver, if you need fast a flexible AI system for your prototyp of game, or your nice project.

You can setup different AI typs in the spawn marker.
This are:

  • Guarding at place
  • Guarding around the spawn marker
  • Patrool AI
  • Animal AI
  • Simply turret

The UAIS comming with a way marker system for making paths.
UAIS coming with a demo player and a AI demo player, so you can see how you have to setup the character and Bot Character and theyr Blue Prints.
It have demo maps, showcasing the different AI setups.

The Bots have a respawn and regenerate health system.
The Bots can be setup that they run away, if they get low health.
Inclouding a documentation and Blue Prints are commentet.
UAIS can easy get expanded for your own ideas, once you get familiar with the system.

See more in the Epic marketplace.
UAIS only cost $ 34.99

Documentation download :

Edit: New version 2.0 is availlable now, with multiplay mode and fixed for UE4.9 version. Better run away mode.

I saw the video and it definitely looks very nice! You should link your video in your OP.

i got it and tested it it’s very nice , only that animal run needs some work to stop running towards the player and it’s perfect

This will be better in the next update! Atm the animal just choose a random location for run away, what in some cases let him run to the player.

We are in the market for a general all purpose AI as a means of being able to populate an environment with digital people. Think the movie gamer.

Is you AI capable of doing simple crowd type AI?

UAIS is a simply but flexible system. Crowd simulation - Wikipedia Stuff like that is not easy to code, and UAIS would not be in the marketplace for only $35, if it would be a such system.
UAIS is designed for games and prototyp games, where you need fast a system to get Bots in your project. It was not in my plan to code a very complicate AI system.

But the name says “Universal”;
It then should be able to do anything from this universe, from little ants’ AI to Natural Motion’s Euphoria system…

UAIS documentation download:


This is on my todo list
surely I will buy it

What would you think about a “Wave Spawner System” for UAIS with such capabilities?

A.: Number of bots to spawn per wave with Increasing bots amount (multiplied by 2, 3, 4…etc).
B.: Number of waves.
C.: bots type (only minions or minions plus bosses/badasses)
D.: Respawn time after each wave defeated.
E.: Increasing bot attack velocity or aggressiveness after each wave defeated.
F.: Randon/Non-Randon attributes with percentage for each field described above.

I think it would be a very interesting spawner system in UAIS.


hello :slight_smile:

This is on the list for a future update. I do think a wave spawner would be a great improvement.

It really depends on how complicated you want your people to be in the game. If they just walk around the map talking to each other etc it’s pretty easy in a basic tree without any external system.
Make 20-1000000 character bp’s each with its own unique mesh. Make sure they all have the same parent bp. Make the parentbp use the basic behaviour tree and AI so that all the children do. Then drag all your children out in to the map.

For the tree just have the sequence go from, find random point within radius of their spawn, go to random point, wait random seconds. In the parent BP you can have a simple function that states if the char encounters another char within an overlap range, to stop movement, unsets the move to target point in the BT, face char and set a var that plays a “talking animation”. After x amount of seconds revert back to BT behaviour.

All fine, but i do think you will get very fast super lag, if you put in that many AIs, and all are with BP. I think a such system should be coded In C++ and also then you will get fast lag with a high number of AIs.

Perhaps. I’m doing it right now in a POC with about 60 population and theres zero lag.

60 and up to 150 should be not a big problem. but 1 000 000 will be :slight_smile:

Hello GAME3D,

Any plans for a more advanced AI. One with FPS Deathmatch Level AI?

In one of the next Updates I have in my mind to implement a wave system. You may then can setup a wave for deathmatch.
The next Update will content multiplay tested funktionality, and a improved run away functions, so the bots don’t move in some cases to the player.

Hi I’m not sure if this is me doing something wrong but I setup the bots on my project with the exact same settings I could find and they attack but just nothing they dont attack the enemy or walk to them they just stand there…

Hi, did you add a navigation volume to your level? You may also need to use build button.

looks good!
When will you update it for UE4 4.9 ?

Working at new update. It will be support multiplay and for version 4.9 .