UActorSequenceComponent won't work after spawn in Package build

Hi, there. I’m recently upgraded my project from UE 4.25.3 to latest version and found UActorSequenceComponent no longer work as before. Any UActorSequenceComponent spawned at runtime will not be able to affect actors binding on the tracks. But if the UActorSequenceComponent is attached to actor which is pre-placed in the scene, it will work properly as before. This issue only exist in packaged build, cannot reproduce in editor.

Steps to reproduce this issue:

  1. Create a new empty project with UE
  2. Create a new Blueprint based on Actor class
  3. Add a ActorSequence component to the new Blueprint and a StaticMesh component with Cube mesh assigned
  4. Open Sequence and add a track for Transform variable of StaticMesh. Make its location changes with sequence
  5. Create an empty scene and use SpawnActor node to spawn the Blueprint class just created in level Blueprint.
  6. Make the new level as Game Default Level
  7. Save all and make a Windows 64 build
  8. Run the build and check the StaticMesh location of spawned actor.

We got the same problem when upgrading to 4.26.

I also suffer from this. Tried all kind of settings but can’t get the sequence to play on spawned actors.

I believe this is this issue: Unreal Engine Issues and Bug Tracker (UE-104483)

We’ve fixed this and it will be available in the upcoming 4.26.1 hotfix.

git cherry-pick 9739861f1d seems to have resolved this issue for us.

Thank you for your reply. I’ve checked the latest 4.26 branch and this issue is gone.