UActorComponent subclass can't access AddDynamic from ATriggerVolume pointer

Hello :slight_smile:

I’m following a tutorial that has a UActorComponent subclass with a ATriggerVolume pointer (set to edit anywhere, the trigger volume assigned in the test level).

The UActorComponent checks in the tick function every frame for an overlap; I wanted to replace that with an OnActorBeginOverlap event, but find that AddDynamic isn’t available.

I’m assuming I’ve made some horribly incorrect assumptions, and would very much appreciate someone explaining how I’ve muddled everything up :).

this will just be an intellisense problem, if you type it out yourself it should work.

YourActor->OnActorBeginOverlap.AddDynamic( this, &UYourActorCompClass::YourBeginOverlapFunction);

Wonderful, thank you, that works great! :slight_smile:

I don’t suppose you have any suggestions for improving intellisense to the point where this and other errors like it go away? A quick google only found “get a 100 core i7” and a plugin suggestion.

I’m afraid I can’t give a good answer to that. Personally I use Visual Assist, but that’s a paying service. But I think macro’s like AddDynamic are in general a pain when it comes to intellisense.

Thanks for the tip and the insight :slight_smile: