U4.26.2 + Windows 21H1 =crashing

Hi Everyone, I have been working on this project with Unreal 4.26.2 and since updated Windows to 21H1 it freezes constantly. Sometimes it gives me an D3D error other time I can’t do anything but reboot the machine.
I have the same problem in two different machines, one is a laptop with a Quadro 5000 the other is a desktop with an RXT 2080TI all drivers updated.
Any help is appreciate.

Does it do the same thing on both computers? Laptops often have an integrated Intel GPU and by default it tries to automatically decide what GPU to use for what you’re doing but doesn’t do a good job and you can improve things by setting your Nvidia GPU as the global default in the Nvidia Control Panel under the 3D setting.

Thanks for the answer.
I had IT re-install Windows, and I did a quick test on the laptop and it worked fine, Yes I did forced to use only the Quadro Video chip for Unreal. But I haven’t tested enough.
The issue in the desktop still present though, I just updated the NVidia drivers, and same problem, Can this be caused by a blueprint??
I will test older drivers and see if that helps.

I am using Windows 10 21H1 and 4.26.2 and not experiencing any such problems.

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Well the problem star to happen again. I created a new project, no problems, then I did copied some assets from the original file and it start to freez and give me the D3D error.
I have done a few test creating new projects, and the error seems to happens when I copy the Twinmotion materials and an old post process collection ( Post Process Shader Pack v1.2 by Tom Shannon LLC)
when I finish my project I will see if it is twinmotion or Post process shader the possible error generator.
Thanks for your input.