Typo in engine source breaks loca preview in editor

Version 4.14.1-0+++UE4+Release-4.14 compiled from source.

There is a bug/typo in
where there is

	FString ArchiveName;
	if (!GConfig->GetString(*SectionName, TEXT("ArchiveName"), ManifestName, InConfigFilePath))

instead of

	FString ArchiveName;
	if (!GConfig->GetString(*SectionName, TEXT("ArchiveName"), ArchiveName, InConfigFilePath))

this causes the localization dashboard to not being able to preview localization texts in editor
and causes the error message “no cultures to generate were specified”

Hey singinWhale-

This issue has been reported here for investigation: Unreal Engine Issues and Bug Tracker (UE-39920) . You can track the report’s status as the issue is reviewed by our development staff. Please be aware that this issue may not be prioritized or fixed soon.