typo in documentation

Heading “Filters”

Geometry - Contains all Brush primitive types.

Should be

BSP - Contains all Brush primitive types.

This is also wrong in the associated screenshot above the table.

P.S. Is it alright if I simply title these pieces of feedback as “typo in documentation”? or do I need to include more detail?

Hi master_rigel,

Unfortunately this is not a typo but rather a change that has occurred in the editor since that particular documentation was created. You can see the same thing throughout the existing documentation (here it is in the geometry documentation, for example), and as such it will likely have to remain until these sections of the documentation have been updated. You can see some of the documentation has already been updated (such as this Camera Actor section) Rest assured, however, that the Docs team is working hard to keep up with the changes. Thanks very much!

okay. thanks for he information. I was under the impression that the docs were otherwise static until a new feature was added, and then docs were written for that feature. Thanks for the information. I’ll bear that in mind, before I submit new doc error reports.

Cheers, Rigel