Type Name Prefix Convention

I’m curious about the type name prefix convention. Here’s what it looks like to me:
E - Enums
T - Templates
U - UObjectBase and subclasses (except for AActor and subclasses)
A - AActor and subclasses
F - ?

What the heck does F stand for?

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Structs are prefixed with F, e.g. FString, FHitResult.
The F doesn’t really stand for anything. The first struct in the codebase was FVector, which was prefixed with F because it was a vector of floats, and the trend caught on.

There’s also an S prefix for Slate widgets (e.g. SListView, SInGameScoreboardWidget)

Ah, got it. Thanks. I figured it was nothing more than the “other” category. At first I thought it was for floats, but then I saw FIntVector.

There is also I, used for Interfaces.

Assuming all this is true, you could intemperate F to be “data structure”, that is, just a grouping of related objects/data/flags/references.

I think F is used for various things…
And then there’s G which seems to stand for Global.