Tying to add electricity to fabricator.. howto?

I am working on a mod, where among other things, I want to add the possibility to run the fabricator on gasoline OR electricity… can anyone help me out how to?

I tried to add PrimalItemStructure_PowerOutlet as a second "Active requires fuel items, but I reckon this would only mean what kind of resource it need to work …

Could anyone point me in the right direction on how I can give the player a choice to use gasoline or electricity ( as getting it on the wheel to choose from )

You can start by looking at the chemistry table, it’s mandatory for both but maybe you can get something started. It’s a checkbox for active requires power. The outlet in the inventory requirement will require a physical outlet in the inventory.

Cheers for that tip! I’ll check it out tomorrow when I wake up :smiley: It’s way over bed time for me lol … I need to get some shuteye!!!

I can find where I can add that it NEED power also to work, but I can’t figure out how to let the player choose to use electric or gasoline… still not worked out. Anyone know this?