Tying in Steam (in a current, functional fashion)

Hello everybody, new to c++ developer here, having a rather hard time trying to get my game running with Steam.
I have already read both Epic and Rama’s walkthroughs, yet here I am.
Is there a known method to get steam working in UE4.6?
I feel like I have opened up every piece of code supplied in the UE4 engine twice now to check version-correctness and find the elusive “Programs/Automation/Win.Automation/WinPlatform.Automation.cs” counterpart, but with little luck. I am not getting any errors when I compile and run normally, but if I include steam_api.h, all hell breaks loose, beginning with a bunch of deprecation warnings and finishing with a missing include, which as far as I can tell, was either forgotten by the people building the steam/UE4 project, or I am somehow, to my utter dismay, still thinking about this wrong.

current error:
1>c:\program files\epic games\4.6\engine\source\thirdparty\steamworks\steamv131\sdk\public\steam\isteammusicremote.h(9): fatal error C1083: Cannot open include file: ‘steam/isteamclient.h’: No such file or directory

Any information leading to the solution to this problem will be rewarded with smiles from the front of my computer screen.

Like Rama said . Its in the Project-Explorer from Visual Studio.
The Filessystem-path is irrelevant , try it with VS and you will find it^^
Good luck with your Project


Thanks for your response! I have been poking back and forth into this project for a day or so now but I can’t find anything called Project-Explorer, or an option of any kind to open one in VS2013, I am assuming you are talking about the part where Rama mentions changing the Automation.cs file to:
string SteamVersion = “Steamv131”;
Right? Would you mind sending me a screenshot of what you are talking about… even if you are not up to date on the softwares it might lend information to my search.

So update. Spent a good portion of my day digging through output logs and trying to track the issue down. One thing I can say for sure is that the game/engine is still looking for steam v130, That said, I can find no references to that version anywhere in the engine or my game’s code.

I remember that i just renamed a few strings from the newer to the older version and still used the newer one. If you manage to include and setup everything correctly, then Steam shouldn’t throw errors.

Though, i still waiting for some tutorials and infos from Epic :confused: Let’s see what the new year brings to us.

First sorry for waiting. I have a lot to do and sometimes i forget parts.
Here is The Screenshot For The “Programs/Automation/Win.Automation/WinPlatform.Automation.cs”

By The way.Is there interest in a Complete Steam module? So I speak of a rewrite of the existing subsystem all features of the Steam platform to use.
If enough people from the community have interest i will look if i can share my modul

Steam and UE4 will work together like a charme. I use Github 4.6 with Steam Version 131 and it works. Only the Interfaces to “Steam-.Features” are a little bit frustrating.
Maybe it would be nice , to have a Commandline-Tool that ask you where you have the Steam SDK and where the UE4 Source is and “install” it automatical

I’m at the exact spot where Methusalem’s screenshot shows, but within my WinPlatform.Automation.cs file there is no code that ever mentions string SteamVersion, or the keyword steam for that matter. Should I be adding that myself - and how so?

Is this only relevant if you build the engine from source? I am using the retail version and have no Programs folder in VS.

In Retail You cant Do that, But you dont need it. For Retail you must use the steam Version that supported . For 4.8.x the steam Version is 1.32.

Sry Writing with Smartphone is a hell

oh I wondered why I didnt have that… Will I need to manually add this to get the steam SDK working properly? I keep getting the error when using the Unreal Steam-works setup program thing “Can’t find path to UE4BuildConfiguration.cs”
Any idea how to fix this and if it matters?

After a quick Search in UE4-Sources it seems like like 4.8 takes another road for steam. At the old place i cant find the Steam string anymore.
But in “Source \ThirdParty \ Steamworks \ Steamworks.build.cs” at Line 12 an string exists like :
string SteamVersion = “v132”;
Maybe thats the only Position we need to change at UE 4.8.

None of this Informations are facts try it on your own risk.

After starting rebuild my BP Project to C++ , i have really no time to tinker with Staem right now , so i dont have a answer for you only a tip.
I hope it helps