TwoBoneIK joint twisting problem


I am having an issue with TwoBone IK. I have a rig in VR and when I move and twist the controller which drives a hand, the mesh twists at the wrist. The IK should be twisting the lower arm. You can’t see this problem with the UE4 mannequin because the hand and lower arm are actually different objects, so I don’t know if what I am seeing is normal and I just have to find another solution, or perhaps I am doing the IK incorrectly.

Any help is appreciated

You can see in the picture that the wrist is pinching


hey did you ever figure this out, i have the same issue

I have the same issue, but i don’t think it is related to the IK (FABRIK) because i detached the node and it still looked the same, its when the character is in the hold rifle pose, it seems fine whenever the character is doing something else, such as throwing animation of stabbing animation. i need a resolve as it looks ugly

You need dual quaternion skinning as far as i know

Oh right, and how easy is that to implement in to my project? is this something i can even do? my ue4 knowledge is not that advanced.