Two wheels moving separately (like a wheelchair)

Hey guys,

We’re trying to develop a wheelchair-like vehicle in UE4.
We’re using two mouses to steer. Basically, we want to connect one mouse to each wheel.

It should work like this:

  1. If mouse 1 moves forward the vehicle moves right
  2. If mouse 2 moves forward the vehicle moves left
  3. If both mice move forward the vehicle goes forward

It should be something like this (an example we’ve used from a different post), but this example doesn’t seem to work properly, especially the moving forward by using both mice.

Any advice, or further explanation regarding the example?


I’m not sure the engine has native support for multiple mice - I think you may have to do some OS-level fiddling for this to work. If I recall correctly, Windows maps both mice to the same pointer and you would need a third-party program for this (or some more direct C++ code!).

Dual Mouse & keyboard download | may be worth checking out. I may be wrong, though!

Hello Jargon,

Thanks I will check it out!
However, we do think it is possible.
The guys in this video: Wheelchair simulator uses Oculus Rift virtual reality technology at Digital Nationz 2013 - YouTube developed a sortlike simulator, also using multiple mice as sensors.

Hello Jargon,

My first explanation might have been a bit unclear and wrong, thus I’ve made an illustration.

Hopefully this helps!

Kind regards

Pardon me,

Second figure: right wheel goes forward (vehicle turns left)*

Question, How easy would it be for a setup like this to work so both joysticks on a controller controlled the throttle for both wheels?

Thanks in advance.