Two video cards set up(1080ti and 2070super)

Hi, I’m getting into unreal and I happen to have two video cards, one 1080ti and a 2070super, right now I have two 4k monitors conected to the 1080 and an extra Hd to the 2070, I just opened the one arcviz example with raytraing and the framerate goes to 10fps, and I was wondering if I should plug the monitors to the 2070 instead, or just use one monitor conected to the 2070 to work on unreal and the extra ones in the 1080, or is there a setting in unreal to tell it to use the 2070 even if the monitor is not conected to it directly?, any advice? thanks.

You need to use the 2070, there’s not many things that will be able to do anything with both.