Two things we should know to create game

Two main things we should know to create game!
(First the most important ) 1.Replication .Seriously ,EPIC ,nobody plays single player games nowadays ,except of couple of games .I abandoned my project on UDK because of this.Then I saw RAMA’s videos on YOUTUBE and hoped that in UE4 I can do replication entirely on BP.(RAMA’s videos are great but he never explained anything ,just showing…).Now when I almost converted my UDK staff to UE4 I need to know about multiplayer things)Show us very liitle tutorial on how to set character for MP,replicate Rotation and Custom! movement anims to other clients .Or basic steps of setting server for multiplayer game.
2.Animation.Yes .Here I mean not easy skeletal anims or static mesh’s anims using MAtinee its very simply ,I mean how to set custom anims for our characters! For example I need to play anim “dead” of my character when amount of heath is 0.Of course this animation should be properly replicated to all multiplayer clients.So just show us simple pawn overlapping with trigger and changes his anim to another ,how exactly we can call animations in Anims machine in game.I guess you see my point=).

P.s.Sorry but I wanted to name this thread "Three main things u should know to create game " but forgot the third=)) ,very tired today …When I remember I’ll edit it=)

Oh guys I’ve remembered third part!=)
3.Trace hit.For example how to trace character’s sword attack .Check whether simple static mesh collide with actor than do something.

As far as I know the first person shooter example works for multiplayer.

Brilliant answer! Better can be only “look at documentation!” :wink:

Successful indie games are enjoyable as single player experiences. Prison Architect, Slenderman, Risk of Rain, etc…

You should modulate your game down to a limited single player experience. You can then build future modules to expand your game such as Multiplayer support…Or you can move on to a new product.

So is it so simply that nobody wants to know how these things work?!If so than please provide 3 screenshots of BP. I hope to hear something helpful on topic .
Hope Tesla would read it.His tutorials are great!

Games that are reliant on Multiplayer to be fun are reliant on having a community large enough to produce a fun multiplayer experience.

You’re asking a large variety of very specific questions that all-in-all are completely unrelated to each other. It sounds to me like you have not actually sat down and tried to code or understand how any of these things work on a logical level. It seems more to me like you want somebody to do all of the work for you.

3 screenshots in BP…do you even know basic C++? You can’t replace things like network coding with Blueprints unless you’re OK with debugging and maintaining a spideweb of BP wires on a massive scale.

  1. start with an idea (long term goal)
  2. break the idea up into small components
  3. streamline out the components that are not essential
  4. code the small components individually (short term goals)
  5. piece them together till you complete your streamlined idea
  6. add cool things that you discover along the way
  7. test and repeat!

I’ve created game like GTA in UDK about 2x2 km city with roads ,building ,street stuff and etc ,I personally prefer to create “eye attractive” content ,i’m mostly a desiner than coder never like programming, though I learn C++ in University.Nevertheless ,my project in UDK have very good logic created in kismet : animations ,missions ,hud with scaleform. SO it was almost complete game made by only myself than when everything was ready, I call my friend to play with me ,and what we saw there…No animations worked on Multiplayer ,noProjectiles,movement and etc ,though each of us can do everything of that.I tried to fix this for 2 weeks and no result than i’m angrily abandoned to my project to complete it in UE4! ANd now I have it!
DOn’t tell me about how to organize my work ,what I should do and what I shoudn’t! I don’t want to create everything again and than realise that I can’t just simply see character movement on another computer!
Believe me I have more developing expirence than you.

All I need here ,just simple illustration: 1. Create simple box and replicate it rotation in BP to other client .JUSt 1 screenshot! Not so much isn’t it?!
2.Just show how to call simple character animation by overlapping with trigger .(1 screenshot ) is it difficult to understand?! btw using information about replicvation in post 1. I can than replicate my anim in MP.
3.Trace simple hit of object by overlapping (again 1 screenshot)

Here I discribed everything soooo clearly that even 5 years old kid would understand what I ask for…

(alg0801)PLEASE again READ attentively .This topic was created for construction dialog ! If you want just to talk ,talk to somebody else.You’ve provided 0 screenshots .

I’m not going to provide you any screenshots because you do not understand the logic of multiplayer coding at its base level. If you had even read page one of any Multiplayer programming article you’d understand how it works and be able to formulate the logic behind it. I coded multiplayer in another game engine and I started off from exactly where you’re at.

Here’s a tip to get you started:
In Multiplayer, there are no other Players in your game. This goes for every person in the game. Everybody is running their own game. For all intents and purposes, the other players in the game could be freaking Cubes.
When one of the clients rotates to face a point…he tells the other Players that he’s rotating to face a point. Their games now rotate the box that represents a player to face the point that the player rotated to face. If one player Dies in their game then it sends this message to all other players in the game. Those players now produce the desired result on the Cube in their game that represents the dead player…Those desired results could be something like a death animation.

Multiplayer coding is all about syncing representational objects to other players actions. This includes everything from statistics to animations. If a player is sliding around in T-Pose it’s because you’re not sending the message to other players and/or you don’t have the functionality in your code to produce the proper results when they receive the message from client.

Nobody here is going to be able to give you a step by step instructional at the drop of a dime. It would take a a lot of time to produce the documentation. More time than it would actually take you to start looking into it for yourself. At that point you could do the entire community a service and make some tutorials! :smiley:

I know that and understand.All you said is just a basic words everyone knows that.But the question is where in blueprint exactly this node which handles this function of replication ,sure I can spend 1 or 2 week just looking for that node .Than atlast will find it.You know its just time consuming .Btw 1 minute ago I atlast found a solution how to call animation of my character in BP. Now I can trigger any anims in game .2. question is done=).

biggest mistake for anyone in any type of business or game… is shooting for the moon when you haven’t even fueled your craft yet…

Indeed! That’s why guys like you and alg0801 will never create something ,just “idle talk” nothing more…

And what have you made?

A GTA clone with poor programmer art assets, a reliance on multiplayer, and no multiplayer? On top of that you think switching from UDK to UE4 will be some sort of magic pill for your networking needs and you’re blatantly avoiding C++. Good luck finishing a game like that. You need to limit your scope as an indie. Your final product (if you ever finish) will be very mediocre at best when compared to other titles in that Genre.

However, If that’s just a project you enjoy doing to learn the engine and don’t actually care about selling anything…that’s fine, but I would highly recommend you revisit your original idea or create a new one and streamline it into something that is more manageable on the art side.

If you want to learn multiplayer coding…start with an empty room with basic characters. Set it up so that other players can join your “game” and make sure all the functionality is there. Stop thinking in terms of your “2x2 km sq world with quests and combat” or whatever. Changing engines isn’t going to solve your problems.

  1. what the hell are you talking about “pawn overlapping animations”…it doesn’t even make sense. Animate your model in your preferred modeling software. Export those animations as FBX. Bring them into your game. Tell your character (through code or BPs) to play that animation. That’s at the base level and I think UE4 has some nicer ways to do this (animation blending and such).

  2. For sword hit…look into Collisions or you can do it based on the frames in the animation. Also Raycasting is another option.

A Crash Course In Blueprint Replication.

“nobody plays single player games nowadays ,except of couple of games”

…What? Multiplayer games are popular, but there’s still a massive MASSIVE market for Single-Player games… Look at Portable consoles, mostly single-player games, look at Indie games - For the most part, single player. There’s an incredibly large chunk of the industry that doesn’t even touch Multiplayer further then a leaderboard. I’m interested to see where you got this “fact” from.

ryanjon2040 thank you very much!

alg0801 ah ,“pawn overlapping animations” can’t find that in my text be more attantive when quoting…I can’t understand why are you so angry to me ,read attentively what i’m typing ,yes my native language isn’t English ,i’m trying to type text in very simple form in order to avoid misunderstanding. “pawn overlapping animation” is very simple illustration of calling custom anims of pawn in BP ,for example when pawn Pawn collide with trigger we play his animation . Now again take a deep breath and chill out. I can do this I have plenty animations made by myself in 3ds max ,in single player game everything works perfect .It plays use ,fire ,walk ,run ,etc. But in MultiPlayer in UDK I have only pawn flying under surface in T pose ,though each for each client it plays all anims and movement correctly .AGAIN! I realise that the problem in synchroniyzing and playing anims in server for all client ! AGAIN I do really understand it ,stop providing basic advices.Now I’ve understand how to do this in BP, it took me very much time .Thanks for people like DennyR,ryanjon2040 who really provide useful materials not trying to insult me.Don’t know why you do this.Yes you are the better programmer (maybe) than me .I wrote that I hate programming.