Two things: Undo/Redo and Landscape Tool

Hey there!

So, I’ve had two things that bug me to no end at the moment and I’d just like to drop this little feedback here.

  1. The Undo/Redo disappears on saves. This can be really annoying. Especially when you’re still blocking things out and move a lot of stuff around - only to realize you want to go back a lil’ because it worked better. And then you realize you saved a while ago because you are trained to do it by default - which removed your history. I know it can stack up a little and lead to performance troubles (notorious problem with zBrush), but maybe let us set a custom number for how long the undo/redo history is so it has a point to start overwriting the oldest? (Thinking 3ds max here).

  2. The landscape tool. Oh how I adore thee. But one thing bugs me. Settings for the brush are universal. It’d be really nice if they were on a per tool basis. The smooth tool especially needs low settings for fine-detail work, while raising terrain needs a more hamfisted approach most of the time.

That’s all I got for now :slight_smile: