Two texture on one material with different opacity

Hello everyone,

I’d like to explain my problem, basically I have two textures one background and one that is variable because it corresponds to an item, these two textures must become a material that I apply on one of my faces of my cube which is my inventory, then in my material my background must have an opacity of 50% while the item texture must have an opacity of 100% as well as a back and forth highlighting effect, but when I apply the material to my cube the opacity is 100%, I tried to change the general opacity but as a result the item is also at 50% opacity.

i’m attaching two images, one without the general opacity set to 50% and the other with the general opacity set to 50%.

thanks in advance for anyone who can help me.

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Try this

it looks a bit like everything is at 50% because of the textures I used, but if I set it to 0%, you can see it works…

You can also use the emissive pin to boost the foreground

thank you, it works perfectly, and for the emissive I didn’t understand how to do the highlighting

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I wonder if you could upload the two textures here? Not full size, but enough for me to have a go. Emissive may not be necessary.

and here are the two textures, i specify they are very old textures from a ps2 game so the size and quality are not necessarily the most present.

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Turn out, with these particular textures, it’s fine


But if you wanted to boost the wheel, you could say

basically I’m reproducing this idea in this video that I like here’s the highlight I’m thinking of

That’s a solid object inside a transparent mesh. Whole different thing :slight_smile:

Oh well, I would never have thought of that, I’ll look at what I can do for my project, thank you

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your solution suits me very well, with a scalar parameter and my actor I’m making a timeline to get the desired effect, so thanks again for your help, and I’m resolving the topic.

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