Two skeletons sharing the same animations?

We are looking for a way for different skeletons to share the same animations with out having to retarget.

Tried a few different ways but the result is always the same that lands up with the less than ideal result. Tried retargeting but this results in a duplicate set of animations.

Tried re-sampling to the animations and properties but the the host gets stripped of the assigned animation set.

Tried a copy but can not reassign the animations.

The question I guess is there a way to import a current set of animations onto a different skeleton so it shares the same animations with out duplication?

Nope. You either use the same skeleton or you re-target.

I think we are getting real time retargeting in 4.9 it was in a twitch stream recently

That sounds interesting, can we find some more info somewhere? How it will work?