Two skeletal meshes with one animation

How can i setup a character with additional skeletal mesh asset to do animation?
I have a Body Skeletal Mesh + Head Skeletal Mesh with the same skeleton but also with additional facial bones that body don’t have.
I attached head to a body with + Add Component - Skeletal Mesh, but when i play animation in sequencer, only my main skeletal mesh animated and head stays static, not even parented

Have you checked to make sure the head’s skeletal mesh component is using the same anim_instance that the body is?

How do i do it?
Do i need to add an additional animation track for the component?

Assuming you are using a character BP with the parts as the added component each component needs to include either the animation BP or animation asset. Look in the details panel for the selected component under animation you can select either an animation take or BP asset.

Bit of a problem though as each animation asset is considered unique so each instance can become out of sync with the parent. The solution is to add a master pose in the event graph so all of the components share the same animation asset applied to the parent.