Two simultaneous rotating movements


I’m trying to implement two simultaneous rotating movements on a mesh and for some reasons it’s not working. One is a constant rotation, the other is triggered by an event. I’m trying to achieve a constant rotation that speeds up according to the event. Each rotating movement works by itself, but when I plug both of them just the rotating event works.

The constant rotation is a Rotating Movement Component that I Set Updated so it just affects the mesh I want to rotate. The other rotation is triggered by an Audio Envelope.

The funny thing is that it works properly if I don’t Set Updated the Rotating Movement Component, but there are other elements in the blueprint that I don’t want to rotate.

Any idea of what is going on?

Many thanks

Hey there!

Have you tried using AddLocalRotation as opposed to SetRelativeTransform for the constant rotation? The higher the value in delta rotation the faster it should spin, so you can tie a multiplier or increase to the condition of whether your event is triggered.


Thanks for your reply. I believe you meant including an AddLocalTransform instead of the SetUpdatedCOmponent, which is what is controlling the constant rotation on my blueprint. I think I already tried that. I gave it another chance following your suggestion but the result is the same: it works as a constant rotation until I plug in the rotation triggered by the event (Audio Envelope). Then the Audio Envelope takes over the whole rotation movement, so when the sound pauses the object stops rotating.

As I said this works if I apply the constant movement to the whole blueprint using a Rotating Movement component, but there are other components in the blueprint that I don’t want to rotate.

Any other idea?


SetTransform, SetLocation, and SetRotation WILL step on any other SetTransform, SetLocation, SetRotation and also step on AddTransform, AddLocation, and AddRotation nodes when running in tandem; but using only AddTransform, AddLocation, and AddRotation should work just fine.