Two sets of controllers

I am trying to figure out how I can make use of two sets of controllers within the same level. Ex. WASD controls one character and Arrows controls another character, at the same time. So far it seems like I can only set up one control scheme in one game mode. Any help or direction is welcomed.

hhmm got a feeling if you want two players using the same keyboard you’d have to set up individual inputs for player 1 and player 2 in the same scheme. i.e. player 1 shoot and also player 2 shoot.

Think input 1 consumes all the keyboard like a greedy sod by default

I think you are right about those greedy inputs :slight_smile: I tried to set something up, but I got limited, at the least the way I saw it, by how the game mode is implemented in unreal. My thinking is that I need to do some C++ to get it to work, which I hoped I could avoid. Would like to do it just through blueprints.