two questions, simple enough for most people already moded for a while, please help

1.I resized the rex, smaller, but the attack range is wrong, it only follows, but stops even we touch each other, they will not attack, only when i step a littel, maybe in its attacking zone, so it starts one once, so my queston is how to change the value to make it attack like a normal small rex, i resized it 30%.
2.I want to use the DOF in the global post process, but dk how to get it work, put where, how to link and every little details about this one, I tried something, but never get it work, seems the blueprint i put in linked but doesn’t affect, example is the motion blur, i reduced it, but in the game it’s still very blurry.

That’s the only problem I have so far and If I can get some help with this, I’m very happy to play with my firends on my private server, thanks to your guys, and please help with this issue.