Two questions regarding modding

So, somewhere down the line, I want to make my game HIGHLY moddable. As in, hopefully, 50% of my game will be made like modders would make mods.

My two questions boil down to this:

Can a cooked Unreal game pack unreal data files, or is that a feature only available in the editors?

Can a cooked Unreal game import non-Unreal files like FBX or OGG? (As in, is there anything at all - even if I have to code an importer - that would allow me to do it)?

In simple, its tough but you could look into how the engine packages and try to write that code to run during runtime at some point when it need to be called to pack files again, remember .pak files can be decompressed easily.

Yes they can but you have to write/refactor the code to work at runtime with existing or custom classes/libraries. Look into how the editor imports .fbx and .wav files for starters.