Two questions about this Challenge

Hello there

I have two questions about this Challenge.

First, I want to check wheather we could use NLEs such as Resolve to simply compile frames, as mentioned before in another question.

Second, I planed to use assets from “Apartment Tech Props” (the Matrix Demo props) in Unreal Engine Marketplace, which have fictitious trademarks such as “Kanonic” on them. I understand “submissions may not feature any trademarks” in this challenge, but what about these fictitious ones? I want to know wheather it’s OK to use them. And If the answer is No, maybe I could use decals to cover these fictitious trademarks?

Thanks a lot.

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Hey @ZhangZhifei

Thank you for those questions.

1- Your video file should be encoded directly from Unreal only, using any methods in the documentation. We reserve the right to ask you to provide a screen recording of running the render from Movie Render Queue.

2- Yes, these assets can be used.

I hope these answers help!

Thanks :slight_smile:

Thank you very much :handshake:

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