Two questions about the movement of objects in the game

how is the movement of objects implemented, for example, simply to any position x and y and z? And the second question is how the movement along the paths is realized, how are the “forbidden” grid cells set so that the object finds the shortest way bypassing them?

Moved this here for better visibility.

You’re probably referring to the NavMesh:

Check out the 3 items at the bottom for more info. And if you YT NavMesh navigation, you’ll get plenty of examples.

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and if there is a large terrain, this will not cause a performance problem?

Until I return to my work, I want to look at screenshots / videos of projects of people of developers, not animals, but of people who have been made or are in development. Where can I see them, where are they posted for general viewing?

Building the NavMesh is time consuming, but once it’s done, it’s done. It’s supposed to be efficient.

The re-cast agent it comes with offers optimisation and customization options. And a debugger.

There’s always some fiddling and there are modifiers where you add or exclude sections. And it can be made dynamic - probably much slower. Not an expert on this.

and if there is a large terrain, this will not cause a performance problem?

Is 20 a lot? Impossible to answer. Do you want an FPS with several bots running around? Or do you want an RTS with 1000 units bumping into each other? Or do you need a multiplayer space-sim and have AI enemies find their way in 3d space using physics?

Blueprints are fine for simple stuff.

YouTube and here:

it was on an unreal engine, here I saw a screenshot of a Saturday cleanup, but I don’t remember how to go there

this is what you need. But I can go to the link, but how can I find it myself? I enter sabbath in themes or just search, but they are not there.

that’s all. I faund what I need.

and if we assume a real-time strategy with 500 units on a large landscape, this will not work?

Why not drop 500 units on a large landscape, build the mesh and give each a random point to go to. That should be a good test. Post results!

no one else has done this?

Pretty sure a lot of people have done this:

very cool!

but this was not done alone, was it?

there they all go not far, but what if to the other end of the map?

Continuing the discussion from This is what happens if you spawn to many AI's… [Video]:

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Ahaah, I never expected to see my video as a reference - thanks mate!

Well, I didn’t even tried to optimize the game to make my PC crash faster :space_invader:
but there are plenty of ways to optimize, depends on many things and possibilites whatsoever but optimizing… that’s not my topic, I like the hard-style :love_you_gesture:

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now there is work and there is no time to create models, texture and animate and study the engine and create a project, except for the weekend. But this is too ■■■■ little! I would like to work directly related to their activities, but too few skills for this and do not take anywhere. Do you also work on weekdays and do projects on weekends or go to college?
how to combine work with a hobby (UE4) if this requires an enormous amount of free time or how to make it your profession?

Is anybody here?