Two problems of Chinese log unrecognizable and Chinese Translate

UE had some problem .
First is Engine Log output with Chinese is Mistaken.Blueprint can display Chinese log correctly.But in cpp, code must like this:

FString fstring_log = TEXT(“双方距离为:”) + FString::SanitizeFloat(float_value);
UKismetSystemLibrary::PrintString(this, fstring_log);

I output my logs like this, but you don’t seem to do that. So Engine`s log is unrecognizable if it is use Chinese.
And if i use bat files start my packeted game and bat files used UTF8 , the commandline input is unrecognizable too. I must use ANSI ,so the commandline is right.

So Second problem is translate to Chinese, such as word “log”, “log” had two means ,one is record some message , translate is “日志” , you are translated this Chinese, but log had a other means is logarithm,Chinese is “对数” , but you translated to “日志”. And Skeletal Mesh translated “骨架网格物体” ago , but now translate “骨骼网格物体”, let us could not seach “骨架网格物体” to find Skeletal Mesh.In Chinese “骨骼” means bone and “骨架” means skeleton. And we are used to it. If you want to make changes, I hope to keep the search possibility of previous translations.