two PLAYERS spawn at start instead of one

Hey guys!!! c:

So I found this book that’s teaching me to program and giving me lessons with unreal engine as i go and part of it was to add a character blueprint to
the scene.

Then It had me make a gamemode blueprint and put my BP_Character as a default pawn. When I did that and ran the game. It spawn the BP character itself, and my character BP was already in the scene.

How can I fix this? I know I could just delete the BP character and let the game run and spawn the character with the game mode, but I dont want that, I want it to run from where the character was set down, and not spawn an additional character. Cause when it does that, it spawns from where my camera currently is in the view port,

any advice?

It does not spawn an additional character when specifying the default pawn in game mode, that simply lets the game mode know that you want to control that pawn at the beginning. I suggest you look in the scene outliner or the viewport, make sure that there is only 1 player placed down.

I answered this question here.Hope it works for u .

Please do not follow these instructions. Running a “get all actors of class” on tick is not a wise thing to do.