Two Players in one car

Hi everyone, is there a way to have two players with two different cameras inside a vehicle?

Sure. I think you would just need to make the passengers controls work differently while theyre attached. either that or swap to a different type of controller or pawn for them.
Usually we have the driver’s controller possess the car (the car itself being a pawn) and leave the driver unpossessed but attached to the car.

It all depends on the little details of how you want it to work.

thanks for your answer. Yes, I managed to do it. The vehicle is owned by the “Pilot” and the camera is that of the sedan bluprint. For the two player who joins the game, let’s call him “Co-pilot”, the camera remains that of the third person blueprint to be clear. The problem is that when the driver rotates the car, the player two does not have the camera that follows the car. I do not know if I explained myself well?