Two new user questions - lofts and selectable geometry - trying to find the correct terms

I’m very new to UE4 and I’m just trying to get my terminology right so I know what to search for in the answerhub.
The two things I’m looking for right now are:

  • extruded / lofted geometry. For example I build a mesh in 3ds max and export it to .fbx, and that mesh can then be extruded along a spline in UE4 - for example bushes, rail platforms, roads etc. What is this called in UE4 (and can it do it?)
  • Selectable states in a single mesh. For example I want to make a sign with 100 numbers on it. I’d rather not make 100 individual entities, (actors in UE4-speak?) but a single entity that contains all 100 numbers and then the user can choose which version or child of that entity shows up during construction of the level. Again - not sure what the terminology for that is in UE4 so I’m not sure what to search for.

Thanks in advance !

I think you would benefit greatly watching a couple of great starter videos



These are great and I have picked them based off of your topic. Enjoy! =)

Very useful - thanks. I’ll go and take a look.