two-level-deep nested instanced object crash on editing

Ver 4.8

Steps to reproduce:

  1. In C++ create class C which is marked as instanced within a class B which is also marked as instanced within class A.
  2. Create blueprint based on A
  3. Create instance of B through the drop down menu within class A
  4. Create instance of C through the drop down menu within class B
  5. Edit property of class C
  6. 100% crash at FPersistentObjectRef::operator->() function

This Didn’t happen in 4.7.

Quick investigation revealed that bIsSubobjectOfCDO check in FPersistentObjectRef constructor has been added in 4.8.
The function OuterIsCDO returns A as outer of C, which is wrong ?
Should OuterIsCDO function not go up all the way to root before breaking ?

I’m sorry, would love to investigate this further, but schedule is tight.

Thank you.

Sorry, I just realized bug reports should be posted at answerhub. Please delete, thank you.