Two issues with my mod that I would like to have help in resolving.

My Mod:

I have two issues I would like to have help in resolving.

1.) My Barge in this mod used to be able to carry any land or air dino in the game until a patch was made to restrict Platform supporting dinos and the Giganatorous from being carried by other platfrom supporting dinos. Unfortunately the raft appears to have been included in this. Is there a way to exclude the raft or have a boolean added to the primal raft.h to turn this off for the raft? I would really like to give my mod back it’s initial purpose of transporting all land based and air based dinos.

2.) Another issue I have been trying to resolve is the clipping that the raft and the barge exhibit. I have tried all forms of collision settings to keep the barge and raft from clipping into the ground and it appears that the only collision on the raft or barge when moving is the Root or Capsule of the rider. I would rather like to have the collision properly set to the skeletal mesh of the Barge and Raft, rather than the collision cylinder of the root. I know this can be done, but only of one has the actual source code of the raft since this is a constructor function to set it to the mesh instead of the cylinder. Is there any way to expose this as a boolean in the devkit to set the collision to the skeletal mesh?